Light Grey Backpack Norr

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A classic GRÜNBAG backpack made from upcycled truck tarps

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ECO-Friendly Norr Backpack

This ECO-Friendly backpack is both spacious and functional, designed to be used in your everyday life. The backpack has one big inner pocket that fits a laptop and two smaller pockets for your smaller belongings like a purse, keys, pens, and your phone. The bag is ideal for school or work and is very practical, in a busy everyday life.

The bags are made in a minimalistic and modern design, and the foldable closing makes the bags adjustable in size. The bag is closed with a velcro strap, which makes it easy to access and close the bag.

Roll-top backpack made from sustainable materials

The Norr backpack consists of leftover material from tarpaulin production in Denmark. We collect the material that is cut off for producing truck covers and party tents: never used, but nevertheless would otherwise be put in the landfill. The material is durable and does not lose much color or shape, and it is exactly this strong material that you can find in the majority of our grünBAG bags.

The fabric of the shoulder straps is made of recycled plastic and is lined with a soft fabric made of large thermal suits, which we get from Viking Lifesaving Equipment. The other inside pockets are made from mesh banners, which were used as advertising banners in Denmark. 


  • upcycling Upcycling and Recycling
  • water resistant Water Resistant
  • functional design Functional Design