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Recycling and creative design

With a big heart for recycling and creative design, GRÜNBAGs founder and designer Helen Leegaard, decided to embark on a green journey. Putting her soul into the project of reusing industrial materials that were destined for trash, Helen began the transformation of turning waste into high-quality bags.

Today, our colorful collection of bags offers a unique alternative to those searching for both design and sustainability. Made from highly durable materials crafted to withstand industrial wear and tear, our bags thrive with everyday use. They are therefore perfect companions for your life adventures.

At GRÜNBAG, we rethink the usability of surplus materials. We work for a greener future with more thoughtfulness and recycling. This journey we are happy to share with you.

The purpose of GRÜNBAG is to make high-quality bags that last. We only use durable materials, in order to reduce future waste. We want to rethink the usability of the things we throw out.

Consequently, 90% of all of the materials we use at GRÜNBAG are either reused or sustainably sourced materials. We work hard to incorporate a zero-waste approach in our company. Our ongoing focus is to reuse scraps and finding new creative ways to prevent waste in our production.

Who makes our bags, under what conditions, and where?

Our products are currently handmade in our atelier in the GRÜNBAG headquarters. For bigger orders, that extend past our capacity (mostly within the B2B part of our business), we outsource our work to a small group of sewers in Poland. This atelier in Poland has the right machines for working with our kind of material.

Furthermore, the Polish location is close to our own facilities. We often make a trip to Poland in order to ensure quality as well as working conditions for our sewers.

The factory in Poland is a Danish-owned company, with Danish management. This gives us close contact with the factory and ensures smooth communication.

Our shipping packaging 

Currently, all of our products are shipped in small boxes made from reused cardboard. The pocket for the freight label is made from recycled film. We are, however, always happy for suggestions that are even more sustainable.

How do we address our carbon footprint?

We use 90% of recycled materials in order to prevent the production of new material. We try to implement a zero-waste approach when it comes to our business. That means we use as many upcycled, recycled, and reused scraps and materials for our bags as possible. Through recycling and creative design, we want to be a role model for other companies.

The use of animal products in our bags

In some of our bags, we do use new leather straps to close the bags, due to the fact that we have not been able to find a material that compares to leather in terms of the durability and therefore sustainability of the product. We always offer a vegan alternative to any non-vegan bag. We furthermore made it our future goal to switch to a vegan, yet sustainable material, that is just as durable. Suggestions are always more than welcome.