GRÜNBAG is a Danish company located close to Aarhus where we have our office and creative atelier. From here all orders are packed and shipped.

We aim to ship all orders within 1-3 business days*. Delivery depends on the transit time for the shipment to your country.

Estimated transit time to various destinations within the EU

Austria: 2 business days

Belgium: 2 business days

Denmark: 1 weekday

Finland: 3-5 business days

France: 2-4 business days

Germany: 2 business days

Great Britain: 2-3 business days

Ireland: 4 business days

Italy: 3-6 business days

Netherlands: 2 business days

Spain: 4-6 business days

Sweden: 2-4 business days 

*Since some bags need to be cut and sewn at our sewing room in Aarhus, it might take up to 5 business days before we can ship the order. Please send us an email if you have ordered a bag to arrive on a specific date. We can almost always resolve emergency cases.