Alden Backpack

Designing bags from repurposed materials  

At the heart of what we do is providing you with a sustainable statement. Have a closer look at how we design our bags. When using rescued materials that were made with another purpose in the first place, you meet some challenges. Tarpaulin for example is very thick and stiff which makes it harder to bend and sew than other fabrics. That poses a natural limit to design features like the amount of pockets and shapes. Essentially, we have to start our design process upside down. We don’t draw up a design and find the materials after. Instead, we ask, what second life could this material have? So our Designer and Founder Helen works with a very explorative approach to the bag design. Essentially, she builds a bridge between what the material allows us to do while matching your needs for a durable, eye-catching bag. We need to wrap our heads around how the material could be used in the best way, which makes the process very creative and innovative. What all of our designs have in common is a minimalistic build-up and practical design focused on fitting your needs with an intention behind every little detail.

When you don’t use material sold by the meter, also the process from material to the bag is a bit more complex and many hands are involved. After being handpicked, the materials are cleaned, hand-cut, sewed together, quality checked, packed, and shipped to your doorstep. We love what we do, and every item has been made with love from our recycled and upcycled materials.

Upcycled and recycled materials

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